Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Kuat Nin.
Sikit je lagi.
Be strong.
We're here for you.

It's never too late to start.
T-12 to Pro3.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Baru Sikit

I would really want to remember this day; especially when it's already 10 years from now.
I wanted to say
" Hey, do you still remember when you drive back home, crying after being scolded horribly during BST? (Bed Side Teaching) "
And I would really want my 10 years older self to just laugh it out and say
"Gosh those were the days. Sikit je pun. Baru sikit."


I know being scolded and humiliated is practically the bread and butter in being a Medical Student; especially those who were already in their final years.
And I know I shouldn't make a big deal out of it. I know i should just mug it up, and let it go. I should forget about it and make a resolution out of it.
I should be strong. I SHOULD.
I know, after all it IS my fault.
For not catching up.
For not focusing.
For being stupid.
For being me.
I'm sorry.

That moment, that very moment -  it hit me. This is hard.
The path that I'm taking right now - is hard. And this is not even the beginning of it.
Yet. Tuhan bagi rasa sikit je. Test sikit je.

Baru sikit.
Be strong Nin.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

I accidentally took a ride on a Time Machine

What just happened?
Like seriously ?
My previous post was about me visiting Myeongdong in 2014 and all of a sudden -
it's already August 2016.


But, really?
Does time ACTUALLY flies? I mean, like literally, FLY?

Does time even have wings to fly?
How do you know time is actually a creature - who flies?
And how do you even know that 'Time' IS EVEN a creature?
Why wouldn't it be something that's an Abstract, instead of
a creature slash human slash animal slash mythical being that flies?
And even if 'Time' is a definite CREATURE; who flies; would it be a man or a woman?
A 'He' or a 'She' ?
(Well if you recently watched Alice Through The Looking Glass - then 'Time' is a 'He') LOL

Let's just say that English (itself) are sometimes (or maybe all the time) Interestingly Crazy.
Let's just say that I'm actually trying to distract the fact that I've been busy for the past
days slash months slash years
for not updating this page by debating about the existence of Time as a creature that love to fly away.

Who knows ?
Maybe BOTH.

I'm currently, gladly, happily, excitedly and finally
Not that I'm bragging about it tho
(honestly there's nothing to brag about it because it as actually double the scare of me in nearing the real world of becoming a true doctor) *YIKES*

I just hope that some of you that's reading this piece might as well pray for me- and my friends;
to pray for our final journey to be ease smoothly (obviously is going to be NOT)
and for us to be prepped with strength, courage and patience to keep holding on till the last game.
Amin Ya Rabbalalamin.

This might as well be my first and last post EVER.
Nahhhhh kidding.

Monday, December 1, 2014


Anyeonghaseyo guys~
Sorry for the very-late-post.
Life as a first timer in Clinical Years of Medical School turned out to be very .  .  . Challenging.
And also tiring.

But that doesn't mean I stopped writing posts about my trip to Korea.
How can I?
Until now, I've been dreaming of being back there, enjoying my quiet walk along the Chungmuro streets.

And here's my Day 2 in Korea used to be.


So yeah, basically DMZ Tour or as known as (Demilitarized Zone) Tour is actually a set of tourist hot spot attractions,
where you got to listen to a lot more of Korean history between the feud of North and South Korea.
And the best part was, you can actually go to the borderline and see the North's soldier ushering you back with a huge telescope. *creepyyyyy*

As far as I can remember, my DMZ Tour goes for the whooooole day.

This place is actually a resort, build for the sole purpose of those who are separated from their families in North, so they could perform all the ancestral rituals during festivals, here
- cause, believe it or not, this is the nearest they could get to.
Well you can't actually just go to the North's borderline and say
"Hey, I'm just dropping by to say hi to my families"
As I was told, the long feud between these two countries was never resolve to any agreements and until now, they do not allow any occasional entry-and-exit.

We have been warned. As our tour guide said that anybody who had any heart problem should stay away from coming into the Third Tunnel as it was actually long long long long way down under the ground.

Iylia and me was too excited to even hear that - unfortunately.
We got back safely after huffing and puffing our way climbing back to the ground - eyes half rolled upwards, our breaths were scorching for Oxygen, as we cried for this torture to come to an end, though.
The Oxygen down there was seriously - limited. Not to mention very cold.
It turns out that North had been building secret underground passageways in order to get access into the South and the preserved one was The Third Tunnel.
As far as the soldiers had came across all this while were, 5 secret tunnels altogether. And the recent one was discovered also this year. *grit teeth*
Guess the feud will not ease any time from now, right?

A typical observatory tower for everyone to view a glimpse of North's main city. That's all.
I was kindda hungry at that time. So I was fidgeting here and there, caring less about the observatory thingy.

A train station used to transport people from South to North. I'm not sure if it's still operating or not though. But it's pretty neat and modern-ish looking. I like anything modern.

Sorry guys. That's all I could remember of my DMZ  Tour.
Maybe because it's so historical, I got bored.
Hey, but not for the whole time though.
The scenery was beautiful 
and it was good 
to actually brain something with facts after so long right?

p/s : I still went to Myeongdong that evening even when my feet hurts after the tour *squeals*

p/p/s : and I managed to get an Oppa and took a picture with him. *squeals louder*

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

MY TRIP TO SEOUL KOREA 2014 - DAY 1 - Myeongdong

Here goes.

Okay. So I finally get to go to Korea (one of my bucket list countries) and specifically it's NOT a lonely backpacking trip
but it is actually under the annual MSU IMS MEDUCATION TRIP and to say that I was very lucky,
this year's trip is to KOREA *yay*


Since our flight from KLIA2 boarding to INCHEON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT was exactly on
8 A.M.
and our in-charge-head-lecturer Sir Nizam was afraid of everybody gathering late and stuff
and after some agreements
we headed together from MSU to KLIA2 exactly at 12 A.M. the night before.
I know.

It's hella way too early and what exactly can we do at KLIA2 during those times.
Still, we enjoyed the waiting every single second of it :)

Since this was also my first time boarding on a 7-hour-flight, I gotta admit, my back hurts a lot.
Even though I didn't sleep at all the night before (hey, can't a girl be a little excited ?) the long flight journey still made me bored to death.


We arrived at Incheon Airport around 3 P.M. and was welcomed by our Hostel Rep, Miss Sue. (Maybe that's how it's spelled)
Despite the on-board-food-issues and my welcoming-wrecked-luggage, I was still excited to arrive in Seoul after 1 hour from Incheon.

Excuse my inner fangirl moments, but just as soon as we rode the bus to Seoul,
I saw my EXO Chen's Gigantic Birthday Ad
on a passing by public bus and hyperventilated for like - a while.

And we arrived at our Hostel (Seoul International Youth Hostel) located just below the
Namsan Tower and exactly at the center of the city.
And as mention being at the center, I meant by having to have an actual walking distance to almost of the Seoul's Tourist Attractions.
Isn't that just what we needed ?

Since everybody was still having a jet lag from the long flight (oh please bear with me) Sir Nizam left us to rest, wash up and gather again to start our night journey to MYEONGDONGGGGGG


I don't know if it was because of the atmosphere of that place
or the Cosmetics Haven, like e-ve-ry-where e-ve-ry-sin-gle-place
or maybe the street foods and small stalls along the streets
but Myeongdong really IS, really WAS, and will ALWAYS be my most favourite place in Seoul.

Aaaaaaand of course *clapclapclapclap* it is every fangirl's dream to be stepping into
the Biggest 2-Storey Nature Republic Shop featuring our good-looking EXO Oppas, only in Myeongdong.

But it's not just about Nature Republic alone.
There was like tons and tons and tons of other cosmetic shops and outlets in Myeongdong.

The Face Shop
Etude's House
Hollika Hollika
Skin Food
to a name a few though

And since all of us arrived during the week of Chuseok Festival (It's like Korean Hari Raya)
there were so many discounts
and free gifts
and promotions
and free face masks
and EXO posters with individual fans and .   .   .   .   .
*woahwoahwoah* *pleaseremaincalm* *inhaleexhale*

Sorry. It's just that, the excitement of being there, still excites me :D

And yeah, I am in no position to comment about the price tho.
I mean it was on a festival discounts - of course the stuffs there a wayyyyyy cheaper than Malaysia.
I even bought the famous Nature Republic's Aloevera Moisture and Soothing Gel for only 5000 Won each (around RM15 in Malaysia)
and a pack of six of it for 16000 Won (i think) which is only RM50 in Malaysia.
Oh, and the new Nose Pack endorsed by EXO-K was really cheap, I bought 3 of em' in one go.

End of Day 1.
So basically, that was it. Our first day in Seoul Korea.
Of shopping and fangirling moments.


Hey Gaizzzzz
So this is it !
I've been to Korea. Finally~

*dance around the hall**jumping while giggling loudly**smile until my gum hurts*

And I know it's been some time since I got back
And I know I was supposed to spill everything about the trip HERE
And I'm well aware that I'm late ; VERY to top that off
And I admit I was lazy to blog about it ;
because the whole trip was so amazing and I still can't find the right words to write about it.

And gaiz, for god sake, it was for 10 days !
How do u even expect me to put it into ?
10 posts ? One blog post for each day ? Seriously ?
.   .   .   .   .

Okay then. If you insist *wink*
But hey. Lemme write it nice and slow so that all those little moments I experienced, can also be shared beautifully here.

Laterrrrrr *starts to reminisce and blog*

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Zoo Negara, Volunteer Work!

Here are some series of questions for you.

Are you 16 years old and above?
Are you on a long semester break?
Do you want to go out?
Do you want to go out and hang with le friends?
Do you want to go out and hang with le friends where you're mum actually allows?
Do you love animals?
And by the mention of animals, I did not just mean of hamsters, cats and rabbits.
Do you like volunteering?
And are you're the kind of person that loves to experience new things despite of how surprising it will get?

Well if you're answering YES to all these question, CONGRATULATIONS,
You're eligible to read my post further.
But if you're not. Oh well, apparently reading does no harm to ya. *boohoo*

Answer to all : YES
(I swear to you it was so fun, that I had done this program twice. 
Or maybe thrice if my next time counts)

So here's the procedure if you're interested:-

1)Since this program is limited daily, you might want to call the Zoo Negara people and book for the dates.
Just hit the hotline number +603-4108 3422 and ask for Volunteer Work.
2)Only after you've confirmed your details, then only you can go click up at their website and print out the form that's available online.
Fill it nicely.
And don't forget to bring it on D-day.

Ain't that easy or what?

"Since it so easy, I might just wear some cool shirt & jeans and go there with a popcorn to watch those animals."
Since we're talking about the Volunteer Program, no-can-do.
You're obviously going to do some helping-out-works and there's absolutely no dilly dally walking around as a visitor.
*well you could do that after you finish your work though*

Here are some rules only to be summarized out
*since some people like me always so lazy in reading the long ones*
*but hey, if you're interested then CLICK HERE*

1)Wear sports attire. Comfortable t-shirts with tracksuits. And sport shoes. 
Since you don't want to rip that Levis jeans during work right? *wink*
2)No outside food allowed. If there is, finish it. Or you could just leave it at their canteen and eat it during break. *really?*
3)Oh god, this one should be on the first thing but I'm to lazy to even cut and paste it. I guess i'll just capitalize it hoping you would know that 
4)This summarization has gotten longer than I thought, maybe I should just finish it by mentioning that 
By 8 a.m. Or the zookeepers are going to leave you behind.
So make sure to be on time people.

So now, what kind of interesting yet surprising works that you may get?

Lemme remind you, all of this volunteer works cannot be chosen.
You might just had to follow a random zookeeper and
surprise surprise of what he/she taking care of.
AI'NT THAT EXCITING *excitedface*

Do you like it THAT MUCH Fatnin?

My first time volunteering : I got a very nice zookeeper from Mammal Kingdom.
(Where I actually got to feed some Hyenas, said hello to the Elephant and clean a Capybara's cage)

My second time volunteering : I got to clean a whole-of-very-huge cage of the Giraffes. 
(Despite of cleaning their poos, they repaid me with a close-up feeding time and a pat on their head)


And I really liked it if other people could also experience the same thing I did.
I mean, seriously, where else and when again can you experience doing works like these?

Friday, June 27, 2014

IMS Meducation Visit to Institut Perubatan Penerbangan, TUDM Subang

I'm sorry.
This happened on 29th April.
And I've only have time to post it now.

An education visit to Aviation Medicine Institute Base in TUDM Subang.
One word.
(and if that considered one word haha)

So as you know TUDM is known for their air force army and all those cool flying jets and plane stuff.
And through our Sir Nizam (thank you so so much sir), all of us finally got the chance to pay a visit to their base and witnessed all those cool machines and simulators.

And please be jelly people.
I actually got to fly a fighter jet simulator.
(Despite of managed on making it fly for a mere 5 minutes before crashing)

And here I apologized to all of you - again.
For not remembering the names of the machines and simulator that I've seen.
It's a lot. And it's all so interesting to learn and to even try it yourself.
(You know, you could actually try to go there and experience it yourself)

I mean, you must have been so curious on how medical can relate to this flying jets and planes thing, right?
Well people, here, we called it PHYSIOLOGY.

Since human are naturally created with flaws and imperfections to even live on earth
there must've been some mistakes if they're even sent to fly out in the sky right?

So here comes the Physiology part of it where we will identify the restrictions up there (sky) 
and try to overcome it down here (land).
Ya got me?

I mean, to be able to fly a fighter jet 50, 000 feet up in the sky (minimum) and on a fast speed of lightning is definitely out of a normal human capabilities.
You'll tend to have a multiple complications on your central nervous system 
and one of it is severe Hypoxia (lack of Oxygen supply to brain) 
which is exactly the start of all problems.

So basically, here we are at the place where all those 
healthy, handsome, tall, perfect body-built, cool looking guys with an army suit, holding a helmet,
will eventually train to fly those jets up there (LOL)
*this is how I actually imagined a fighter pilot would be*
*don't blame me - blame the movies*
*I know you're imagining just as the same way as I am*
*we're equal hehe*

And here we have the infamous SUKHOI. *applause applause*
(don't worry if you don't know what this is, you'll eventually know it there haha)
So that's it people.
If you'll wonder how would it feel to be able to visit this place.
Then lemme tell ya one thing.

I called my mum as soon as I got back from the visit and told her 
that I want to specialize as an Army Doctor- Air Force to be precise.
Just because I want to fly this fighter jet one day.
One day.