Monday, November 28, 2016

Baru Sikit

I would really want to remember this day; especially when it's already 10 years from now.
I wanted to say
" Hey, do you still remember when you drive back home, crying after being scolded horribly during BST? (Bed Side Teaching) "
And I would really want my 10 years older self to just laugh it out and say
"Gosh those were the days. Sikit je pun. Baru sikit."


I know being scolded and humiliated is practically the bread and butter in being a Medical Student; especially those who were already in their final years.
And I know I shouldn't make a big deal out of it. I know i should just mug it up, and let it go. I should forget about it and make a resolution out of it.
I should be strong. I SHOULD.
I know, after all it IS my fault.
For not catching up.
For not focusing.
For being stupid.
For being me.
I'm sorry.

That moment, that very moment -  it hit me. This is hard.
The path that I'm taking right now - is hard. And this is not even the beginning of it.
Yet. Tuhan bagi rasa sikit je. Test sikit je.

Baru sikit.
Be strong Nin.

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